Batman and Sobbin'

Hello! My name is Brenda, also known as Dad Superman. I'm a 23 year old Michigander who spends her time crocheting, watching cartoons and crying into her cereal.

This is pretty much a Batman blog, and I need to stop denying it, but you'll also see a bunch of cats, some Generator Rex, Motorcity, other comic-related things, and pretty much anything I feel like at any given time.

Meanwhile on Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated…

…Shaggy and Velma are kind of sort of having a relationship, but Shaggy doesn’t want to let Scooby know, because Scooby is a jealous bastard. 

Look at that face. 

So, one day, unable to find Shaggy in the sprawling mansion they call home (because all the kids are loaded for some reason) Scooby charges into the garden, and stumbles upon something guaranteed to ruin your childhood. 



So, Shaggy tries to brush it off and convince Scooby that he totally didn’t just see him and Velma sucking face.  But Scooby’s having none of it.  

Well, that escalated quickly.

Shaggy then tries to explain that he loves both Scooby and Velma, but he has to spend a little more time with Velma because of undisclosed reasons. 

Scooby, being the jealous bastard he is, takes it as well as can be expected by bursting into tears.

Fred blames himself for tearing their family apart, because Fred is legitimately emotionally damaged


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