Batman and Sobbin'

Hello! My name is Brenda, also known as Dad Superman. I'm a 23 year old Michigander who spends her time crocheting, watching cartoons and crying into her cereal.

This is pretty much a Batman blog, and I need to stop denying it, but you'll also see a bunch of cats, some Generator Rex, Motorcity, other comic-related things, and pretty much anything I feel like at any given time.

So, I didn’t get into the Colossalcon AA.

Which, kind of sucks, because I really needed to.  Would anyone be willing to share?  Halfsies?  I’ll pay for the entire table.  I’ll table sit whenever you need it.  I can literally sit at a table forever and not move. 

I do Amigurumi.  This was my table at youmacon. 

If we share, it won’t be as cluttered.  Promise. 

Last year at Colossal, I sold almost all of the crochet plushies in about an hour.  They draw in a lot of people.  :)

This is kind of a desperate thing, so I understand if no one replies. I’m also posting this in the Shutocon tag because why not.  Same deal would apply for that convention.

Here’s my design tumblr, if you want to see more of my work.   


Thanks for your time!

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